Present bias: Why do we find planning for the future so hard?

Are you investing enough in your future? Beyond financial investment, it involves envisioning personal and career goals, and overcoming barriers to planning your future finances.

&me’s Chief Investment Officer, Shanti Kelemen explains what contributed to global market performance this July – from the UK & USA to Russia.

Inflation surges, hitting all sectors, baffling control. UK CPI up 8.7%. Interest rates rise. Why hard to control? Learn more.

Discover 5 compelling reasons to invest now: historical growth, stock market advantages, short-term market unpredictability, long-term patterns, and compounded returns.

Investing is one of the most effective ways to build long-term wealth. When investing, it goes without saying that you want to ensure your money

In this month’s market update, we take a look at the second quarter of 2023 as well as the first half of the year. We review what’s happened in financial markets and how the &me portfolios are positioned going into the second half of 2023.

Understanding diversification is one thing, but putting it into practice can be challenging. Discover how letting experts like &me handle diversification could pay off.

Get a glimpse of what those nearing retirement wish they knew earlier, and their advice for younger generations to secure a stable financial future.

In this piece, we consider our asset allocation in more detail. We look at how and where we invest and why we have more in Asia and emerging market equities.

Starting to invest early gives you the advantage of time and therefore the potential to reap the rewards
in the long term. Here are four key reasons why you should think about investing early if you can.

Company earnings so far have been better than expected / Central Bank’s progress towards taming inflation remains a core theme for investors / Economic releases in April confirms China’s rebound.

Talking to your children about money from an early age can help pave the way for a lifetime of healthy financial habits.

Join others across the UK who now use Stocks and Shares ISA to grow their savings.

When you’ve used up your ISA allowance or don’t want to transfer your existing ISA.

Join others across the UK who now use Stocks and Shares ISA to grow their savings.

Invest in your child’s future each month and they’ll be tickled pink when they reach 18.