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General Investment Account?

A General Investment Account (GIA) doesn’t have the tax benefits of an ISA but any gains/losses can be set against your annual Capital Gains Tax allowance¹.

Sky’s the limit

With no limit to how much you can invest, they’re perfect if you’ve used up your ISA allowance.

Easy access to your money​

If you need your money, simply request a withdrawal in the app without worrying about hidden fees.

Feel in control

Use the &me app to control how your money is invested and keep track of your performance.

Honey, I shrunk the fees

As your investments grow across your accounts, we reduce our management fees.

&me consultants on your side

Your &me consultant is always on hand to help at no extra cost.

Powered by M&G Wealth

&me is powered by a range of M&G Wealth managed portfolios, meaning you benefit from a lifetime of expertise.

1 Any gains/losses should be combined with other taxable gains/losses outside of the GIA

As your money grows, your fee % shrinks

Start investing with a minimum of £500.

Below are our competitive annual fees for managing your money.

Invested amount

Management fee

Up to £10,000


£10,000 to £20,000


£20,000 to £50,000


£50,000 to £100,000


£100,000 to £250,000


£250,000 to £500,000




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Please don’t forget that investments will go down and up in value over time.