Watch your children’s money grow as they do

Watch your children’s money grow as they do

Do more than save. Use a Junior Stocks and Shares ISA to invest for a brighter future.

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Why start an &me logo Junior ISA?

Give your child the tax benefits you enjoy in your own ISA and feel the comfort that their money can’t be touched until they turn 18.

No tax hassles

Add up to £9k each tax year and any returns are protected from income or capital gains tax.

Locked until they’re 18

They can’t access their money until they’re 18, so their savings are ready for college or their first car.

Add to a brighter future

Invest in our Targeted range of portfolios to know their money is supporting positive change.

Easily transfer from elsewhere

Already started a Junior ISA or Child Trust Fund elsewhere? No problem. We’ll transfer for you.

&me consultants on your side

Your &me consultant is always on hand to help at no extra cost.

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&me is powered by a range of M&G Wealth managed portfolios, meaning you benefit from a lifetime of expertise.

Their future &me logo

With no commitment to invest, see how &me could grow your money and help you feel invested.

With investment, your capital is at risk.
Tax treatment depends on your individual circumstances and may change in the future.

Share with friends and family

While toys and sweets will always be a popular gift, allowing others to add to your Junior ISA lets them also contribute to your child’s future.

Simply share the Junior ISA details with others and they can easily add money as a gift. You can keep track of contributions through the app right alongside your own investments.

Easily transfer an existing Junior ISA

We’ve made it super simple to bring any Junior ISAs or Child Trust Funds together in one place.

Just let us know in the app that you want to transfer, share a few details, and we’ll talk with your existing providers. We’ll arrange for your existing account to be securely transferred to &me and we’ll never charge you a transfer fee*.

1. Download the &me app

2. Choose to start a Junior ISA

3. Select the transfer option

4. We’ll do the rest

* Please check with your existing provider if they’ll charge you any fees for transferring.

Unlock your

financial potential

For insights, tips and expert guidance on JISA investing, head over to the &me blog.

As your money grows, your fee % shrinks

Start investing with a minimum of £500.

Below are our competitive annual fees for managing your money.

Invested amount

Management fee

Up to £10,000


£10,000 to £20,000


£20,000 to £50,000


£50,000 to £100,000


£100,000 to £250,000


£250,000 to £500,000




More information about Junior ISAs

If you still have questions, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

You can invest up to £9,000 in our Junior ISA during the tax year, which runs from April 6 to April 5 each year.


We ask that you start with a minimum of £500 and a maximum of £9,000. You can add amounts of £100 or more to any further contributions as long as you don’t add more than £9,000 in total during the same tax year.

Yes, the minimum initial investment required is £500. Any additional re-deposits must be at least £100. This will allow us to diversify the portfolio more effectively and keep it better invested for your child’s future.

When you set up an &me Junior ISA on behalf of a child, you’ll be given an account number. This can then be shared with friends or family (along with a couple of other details) so they can transfer money directly.

Any money contained in your child’s Junior ISA will be locked away until they turn 18. At this point, they can then withdraw or continue investing their money for the future.

When your child turns 18 any money in the account will continue to be invested and any gains made will still be tax-free. However, no further money can be added to their Junior ISA.

As your child will now be legally classed as an adult, they will become eligible for their own Stocks and Shares ISA. This will allow them to benefit from additional tax allowances compared to their Junior ISA.

To move the money from their Junior ISA to Stocks and Shares ISA, they will simply need to:
– Download the &me app
– Follow the on-screen guidance to open a Stocks and Shares ISA

Once the Stocks and Shares ISA has been set up and they have chosen the investments that suit them, they’ll be able to add the funds from their Junior ISA.

A Junior ISA can only be opened for a child by their parents, grandparents, or other legal guardians. However, anyone can contribute money to a Junior ISA once it has been set up.

Start investing with &me logo

With no commitment to invest, see how &me could grow your money and help you feel invested.

With investment, your capital is at risk and you may get less than what you invested.
Tax treatment depends on your individual circumstances and may change in the future.